• Cierra Chenier

Femme Orléans: New Orleans, A Black Woman

A piece written and narrated by Cierra Chenier/NOIR 'N NOLA® and filmed by Sydney Walker/SJ Walker.


New Orleans. Daughter of Africa, sister of Haiti.

She birthed us. She raised us.

She weeps of trauma at the children she’s lost, but still stands through their memory.

She gives us tough love, but it’s a love that’s unconditional.

When the waters stripped her of everything, she kept a hold on us. Her children.

New Orleans. The one and the only.

They appropriate her sound, her moves, and the energy she radiates. But ain’t nothing like her.

She sets the trends but never gets the credit.

She’s disrespected but never offended.

New Orleans. We owe her.

We think we’d be better off without her, but she’s home. And we always come running back.

Cause their gumbo don’t taste like hers.

She gave us this accent and they can’t understand it.

She gave us this chip on our shoulders and they could never feel it.

New Orleans. This land is hers.

She’s been disrespected for centuries, but hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

We gotta defend her. We gotta protect her.

We’re merely reflections and extensions of our mother. And we owe her that.

New Orleans. A Black woman.