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Check the stats...

  • Louisiana is ranked as the worst public school system in America.

  • After Hurricane Katrina, the State of Louisiana took over the public school system and transformed nearly all public schools into charter school systems.

  • Schools are highly segregated in terms of race and income.

  • Studies have shown that schools that serve mostly poor children of color have "fewer resources, more inexperienced teachers, and limited access to rigorous coursework."


  • Hurricane Katrina caused a decline in many systems in New Orleans.  The education system is one of the many areas where the city has not yet made a full recovery, even over ten years later. 

  • Some improvements have been made regarding test scores and graduation rates, but public education in Louisiana and New Orleans continues to suffer. 

  • Education is fundamental and should be considered a necessity over all things. When you have failing schools, you rob students of the ability to reach their full potential. 

  • When schools are not up-to-par, students are at a disadvantage when trying to excel to the next grade level, or when graduating with the hopes of pursuing higher education. 

  • Nearly all of New Orleans' students are Black. Following Katrina and the conversion from public to charter schools, the number of Black teachers dropped from 71% to 49%.

  • Post-Katrina brought in an influx of teachers that were either white, non-local, inexperienced, or all of the above. P,

  • Many Black educators were not rehired, retired from teaching, or relocated.

  • Representation matters. Educators should represent the students that they teach, and those educators should receive higher wages.

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