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  • According to statistics, 2015 ended with 164 homicides. This indicates a rise in murders following a previous two-year decline.

  • We ended 2016 with a murder rate of 175; the highest in four years.

  • At the beginning of January 2018, New Orleans is already at 19 homicides.

  • Per capita, New Orleans has exceeded Chicago in shooting incidents.

One homicide is too many.



  • Louisiana is ranked as the worst public school system in America.

  • After Hurricane Katrina, the State of Louisiana took over the public school system and transformed nearly all public schools into charter school systems.

  • Schools are highly segregated in terms of race and income.

  • Studies have shown that schools that serve mostly poor children of color have "fewer resources, more inexperienced teachers, and limited access to rigorous coursework."


  • Hurricane Katrina not only devastated lives and property, but also the mental health of both low-income and Black communities.

  • Research from The Center of Disease Control states that more than 50% of New Orleans residents showed signs of needing mental health assistance. 

  • A study from the National Institutes of Health also found that many Black New Orleanians showed signs of post-traumatic stress disorder following the storm.

  • The Black community was hit the hardest following budget cuts and closures to several mental health facilities by former Gov. Bobby Jindal. 

  • New Orleans prides itself on tourism. However, with the influx people moving to the city, we need to pay very close attention to who is getting pushed out.

  • Black neighborhoods on lower ground, such as Gentilly and New Orleans East, became even more heavily Black after the storm. 

  • Black neighborhoods that were on higher ground, such as Bywater, Treme, St. Roch, and St. Claude, became majority white after the storm.

  • Many Black residents were pushed out of their own neighborhoods due to increased rent, high flood insurance, lack of public transportation, etc. 

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